Welcome to Suffolk

  1. If you love Small Town Charm, Eco-Adventure, Performing & Visual Arts, History, Festivals, Boutiques, Chef-Owned Restaurants, Recreation, Golf, Guided Tours, and Peanuts - you'll love Suffolk, Virginia.

  1. GreatDismalSwamp_newsflash

    The Great Dismal Swamp

    The Great Dismal Swamp is anything but dismal. Discover Suffolk's largest attraction! Learn more
  2. RiddicksFolly_newsflash

    Riddick's Folly House Museum & Gift Shop

    Riddick’s Folly showcases the Antebellum life of the Riddick family around 1840, providing a tangible link to our community’s history. Learn more
  1. TrainStation_newsflash

    Seaboard Station Railroad Museum

    Indulge your inner Train Conductor at the Seaboard Station Railroad Museum! Learn more
  2. SuffolkArtGallery_newsflash

    Suffolk Art Gallery

    Unlock your creative potential at the Suffolk Art Gallery! Learn more
  1. SCCA_newsflash

    Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts

    Where the arts come alive! Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts—our premier visual and performing arts venue. Learn more
  2. SuffolkWaterways_newsflash

    Suffolk Waterways

    Discover over 8,000 acres of lakes and miles of river shoreline in Suffolk! Learn more